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Silent Beauty

Opening:3 February 2017 19:30

Exhibition dates: 3 - 17 February 2017

Opening hours:
Wednesday- Saturday: 9:30-12:30, Tuesday 15:00-18:00
or by appointment

Stelios Sofocli
Black and white photography

This exhibition focuses on photographic images expressed through different materials and presentations. The moments captured by photography are given extra layers of meanings with the ways they are presented and printed.

Cypriot artist Michalis Papamichael prints his black and white photographic images on paper which is made by him. The series I Wish presents fragmental images of female bodies. Papamihchael attempts to reveal the soul and desire of human being by projecting X-ray like images on the body. These images are then printed on rough surface of the paper. The beauty is found in the relationship between the self-made paper which some of them are as thick as a book and some thin but with rugged edges without bleached white colour. The materiality of the paper enhances the natural feel of the curves of the human bodies in the images.

Another Cypriot Stelios Sofokli presents classical black and white images. His works consist of a wide variety of subject matter from surreal composition to static landscape. Sofocli often captures people in his frame but these remain anonymous as most cases their faces are not visible. The obscurity of the identity adds more mysterious atmosphere in his works. It also suggests the blurred border between the reality and fantasy of this world.

German journalist/ poet Anna Würth creates correspondences between pictures and poetry. Her photography which focuses on metamorphosis is placed together with verses in a playful way. Her images are neither to be understood literally as illustrations for the poem nor descriptions of the images. The loose relationship between the images and poems give the viewer an extra space and time to reflect and interpret the work. These images – poetry are printed on large canvases to be hung in the gallery so that the scale of the work also alternates our usual viewpoint.

At the opening reception, Anna Würth will read her poetry from her Literary Pictures series.

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