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Stavros Panagiotakis
Silent Narratives

Opening:7 July 2017 19:30

Exhibition dates: 7 - 21 July 2017

Opening hours:

Wednesday- Saturday: 10:00-13:00
Wedneday & Friday 17:00-19:00

Mixed media on paper

The painting series by Stavros Panigiotakis entitled “Silent Narratives” evoke one of the essential questions of visual art; the relationship between image and text. Texts and letters are usually associated with specific meanings or clear messages whereas the images can give the symbolic meanings and suggest notions. In visual art, the first question which arises when using text and letters is; why use text and letters when images are supposed to express the matter which text cannot?

Text and letters in a picture can become instantly predominant elements. We recognise them with meanings or they can draw an immediate attention to our eyes because of our daily habit of reading and automatically searching for the meanings. Artists who use text and letters in their work may face the problem of how to control the weight of visual and literal information in the way they intend.

Through Silent Narrative series, Stavros Panagiotakis explores the balance of image and text, the role of letters as visual features instead of literal element, meanings/no meaning, colour and letter relationship and creation of new letters. The series reminds me of the calligraphy paintings by 20th century artist Brion Gysin whose work integrated letters into paintings and drawings. While Gysin’s works were inspired by cursive Japanese and Arabic scripts and resulted in abstract patterns, Panagiotakis experiments with Greek and Arabic alphabets and imagined letters. Panagiotakis combines the elements of landscapes, human body and abstract patterns with letters.

Mixed media on paper

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